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Saint Paul Lutheran congregation was officially founded on July 10, 1906. The Reverend Adolph Pfotenhauer of Lemont, Illinois was called to be the first pastor. He was formally installed on September 16, 1906.

It's hard to believe now, but the land upon which the church sits, all 6 3/4 acres-- cost only $1,050 back in 1906. The church building itself cost another $30,716.

The cornerstone of the church building was laid on October 14,1906. The building is in the ancient "cruciform" shape - in the shape of a cross. Electric lights were first installed in 1913. (The main chandelier required 265 light bulbs.) The building was remodeled in 1944 and 1957. The 1957 remodeling included excavating the church basement. The church offices and gym were built in 1971. The current organ was completed and dedicated on June 22,1980.


All worship services were conducted in German until 1935. Men and women began to take communion together at the same time during worship in 1941. The last regular German worship was held in 1983.

We praise the Lord that he has blessed us to serve Him in this place for over 100 years. He has blessed us richly in the past. He invites us to look forward to even more blessings in the days to come. May the Lord bless us all as we seek to grow spiritually by loving and serving both God and other people.


For more history, click here to see excerpts from St. Paul Addison's 100th anniversary booklet.

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