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To all Our Brothers and Sisters at Saint Paul:

I am writing this on April 11.

First, thank you to Kim, Debbie, and Robin for assisting with the videos.  Kim has been doing the brunt of the work.  And thank you for all for your kind words of support and affirmation.  Please feel free to share the videos as widely as you can.  Be sure to "like" and "subscribe" if you are able.


Also, I want to thank Diane Junokas for updating our website and Cathy Sparling for managing our Facebook page.


As for tomorrow:


Tomorrow will feel very odd.  This is the first time in US history that almost every Christian Church will be closed for Easter.


But, Jesus is still risen!   He is still risen indeed!


The Empty Tomb is still open.  The Empty Tomb is still empty.  The victory over sin, death, and the devil is still ours.  Our faith in Jesus is still real.  We praise God for His blessings.


But tomorrow will still feel very odd.


Here is what my family is doing.  We are planning to spend some time pretending we live in a country where you can't celebrate Easter publicly --- a country where the Christian faith is being persecuted.  (If you do some research, you will be startled at how many countries severely restrict or outright persecute Christians.)  We will ask: where are these places?  Why all the hate for Christians?  What would it be like to live there?  How would it feel to be forced to worship in secret every time?  How do you live your faith in such a hostile environment?  How can we help our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters?  What do we need to do to make sure our country doesn't end up like this? 


Praise God for with the religious freedoms we have as Americans.     


And praise God that Jesus is risen, He is risen indeed!


Stay Healthy,

Hold on to Your Faith,

Enjoy Easter,

And Remember: Jesus said (Matthew 18:20), "Even if it is just two or three together praying, I am there with You,"

Pastor Zimmerman










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