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April 1, 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters at Saint Paul:


We are created in God’s image.  God is wise and prudent.  That is why we want to be wise and prudent too.


Also, God is love.  He showed His love by making a huge sacrifice.  God gave the life of His only Son to pay for our sins.  That is why are willing to make huge sacrifices to serve the Lord.


So, what can we say?  We want to grow in faith and love.  We grow by loving and serving both God and other people.  Right now, this means serving God by protecting health: our health, the health of our families, and the health of people we don’t know.


And, yes, we are willing to sacrifice to serve God in this way.  But, another month of “stay-at-home”?  Wow!  This is hard.


Here is what we are doing at Saint Paul to keep serving God in the midst of COVID-19:


— Following Governor Pritzker’s new order, we are suspending group activities such as worship until April 30.  (Please pray this will be the end.)


— We are monitoring the situation very closely.


— We are staying in touch as best as we can.  We have been providing email updates for those on the email list.  We are also backing these up with regular mailings — such as this one.


— We are trying to cover everyone, but there are probably some who we are missing out.  Be sure to call us with your email if you are not on our email list.  Help us spread the word by telling other people what is happening at Saint Paul.


— Also, check our web site ( or listen to the message recorded on our answering machine in the Church Office (630.543.6909).  We are providing updates in both places.  Or, give me a call at 630.797.8246 (my cell number).


— The Church Office is open but on reduced hours.  Please call before you come.


— I am looking into making a video of the Stripping of the Altar (from Maundy Thursday) and the Service of Darkness (on Good Friday).  I need help to do this.


— I am preparing a special work-at-home packet for our Confirmation students.


— George has been working on some special cleaning and repair projects.  He will thoroughly clean and sanitize our Church properties before we reopen.


— When we do resume worship, we will continue to practice our new health protocols (at least for awhile).


— We will not let the Devil cancel Easter during 2020!  We will hold an Easter service eventually.  It will not be on April 12, but it will happen.


— The Easter Egg Hunt will also happen eventually.  We just don’t know when yet.


The Lord God says (Psalm 55:22), “Cast your burdens on Me.  I will sustain you.  I will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”  


One way God sustains us is by showing us what we can do to serve the Lord.  We may be limited, but there is always some way we can love and serve God and other people — even if you have to “stay-at-home.”  Staying at home does serve our community.  It also blesses us with a gift of time to do some of the things we never have time to do.


And God is good.  Soon this will be over.  Then we will worship together again.  We will receive the Lord’s Supper together again.  We will study the Bible together again.  That will be a wonderful day.


In the meantime, may we all:


Stay Healthy,


Pray for Those Who Are Afflicted and Those Who Care for Them,


Hold On to Our Faith in Jesus,  


Remember That God Is in Control, 


And Take Advantage of the Opportunities that “Stay-at-Home” Brings! 


In Jesus’ Love,


Pastor Zimmerman

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