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1.)  From time to time we receive inquires about selling some of our property.


2.)  We have received a very serious offer to purchase 3.85 acres of our property.  This area includes everything south of the parking lot, plus a 50 foot strip of land east of the parking lot.


3.)  We will provide a diagram of this at the Voter’s Meeting.  In the meantime, we have placed an orange line on the parking lot where the 50 foot mark is.  We will also put up some stakes showing where the warehouse would be.


4.)  What warehouse?  The developer plans to build a large warehouse complex on our lot, as well as on three other lots he hopes to acquire (Green property, Better-Bilt lot, and the doctor’s office on Moreland).  Our property is the key to the entire development.


5.)  The warehouse itself will be 500 feet long and 30 feet high.  The width will reach out to Addison Road minus a parking area.  The northeast corner of the warehouse will be about 100 feet south of our church building. 

6.)  The developer will also build a large driveway to provide truck access to west side of the warehouse (around 15 loading docks).  He will also build a retention pond.  


7.)  How much is the offer?  Due to a confidentially clause, we cannot disclose the amount until the Voter’s Meeting.  


8.)  What will happen on September 27?  We will provide more details of the purchase.  We will answer all questions and consider all concerns.  


9.)  If we vote to accept the offer, the developer will try to acquire the other three lots he is seeking.  The deal will fall through if he cannot acquire the other lots.  


10.)  The developer’s plans may change after he purchases our property.  We will have no say about this.  Once we sell the land we have no control over it.


11.)  If we vote to decline the offer, then nothing will happen.


Pleased pray about this,

and be here September 27!


Also, please remember: due to the Special Voter’s Meeting, there will be no Parking Lot worship on September 27.

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